8 thoughts on “Finally! Project Completion Photos! :) Photographed by Eric McBane”

  1. Oh my, I want this! Even more, I want to be the person who lives like this!!
    It would be lovely to see a rough floor plan–it’s hard to connect the spaces in the beautiful pictures.
    I’m so happy to see the completed work. Thank you.

  2. Growing up in Rumford, I can remember going to the library with my mother every week for years and that was over 60 years ago. It is very hard to visualize the “old” with the sumptuous new. You have down a remarkable job.

  3. Positively beautiful, I love each and every room. Welcome to the neighborhood….will there ever be an open house for neighbors?
    Thank you for sharing your home!

  4. You have done a fabulous job…the pictures are beautiful! We hope you will invite us in some day.

    Your neighbors at 12 Miller

  5. You have done a remarkable job of retaining the soul of the old library while creating a beautiful home uniquely your own. I wouldn’t be surprised to find your home featured on Houzz some day!

  6. Hello Rita,
    You were the Realtor for my Brother Azzedine and Nadia Downes for a house in Edgewood. I had met you once or twice. I also live in Edgewood right next to the William Hall Library, and many times I wondered what that building would look like as a “regular house,” so thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your beautiful home. I love your idea and vision to restore this great building, but the best part is that you made this website so many others could share along with your dream. I have a blog myself, so feel free to drop by and read it. I will leave a sample about getting married in the Boston Public Library http://zuludelta45.net/2012/11/03/til-overdue-fines-do-you-part/. I wish you the best , and for the record, I never borrowed any books from your future living room and failed to return them on time. ; )

    Dennis Downes, aka Zulu Delta

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